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You can get your I.D and P.W of your “My Account” after closing the contract and manage your online account at any time.

貸款・財務公司(財務) - Finance One (Personal Loan) - Point1 Manage your online account

You can confirm your repayment date and history, balance etc, all kinds of information, at any time, at your “My Account”.

  1. Check your details
  2. Confirm your due date of repayment
貸款・財務公司(財務) - You can go into finance one home page and go  into "My Account" to check the information of the loan and interest repayment.  

貸款・財務公司(財務) - Finance One (Personal Loan) - Point2 Repayment method
  1. Finance One will inform you by SMS of your payment date 3-days in advance of the due date
  2. Finance One reminds you of your payment via SMS should you be late even after the due date.

貸款・財務公司(財務) - 3 days before Notice of your due date by SMS

貸款・財務公司(財務) - Finance One (Personal Loan) - Point3 Make a one time repayment

Contact us online if your personal details change.

貸款・財務公司(財務) - You can always update your loan information, and check the finance interest rate.  

貸款・財務公司(財務) - Finance One (Personal Loan) - Point4 In order to avoid payment difficulties

You can re-apply for an additional loan at your “My Account”. It is an easier process than the first application, you only need to update your personal information.

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